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If you’ve read Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels and you wish you had a Scrivener template, today is your lucky day!


Are you a Scrivener writer? I love Scrivener for my early planning stages. The template is color coded and ready for you to download to your computer.


Click on the button: 






(I have no technical expertise. The template was created in an older version of Windows Scrivener–but it works! You might have to ask someone techy if you have trouble importing it.)

Maybe you prefer an old school printable? I am a notebook collector too! The PDF printable is ten pages–including a cheat sheet and a place to write that you can print for every book. I tried to coordinate it with the Scrivener template for maximum effect. It’s available to my Romancing the Beatniks community. To sign up for  news, videos, community, podcasts, courses, and training shenanigans, you too will have access to the PDF cheat sheet.

For more information, please enter your email below. (This mailing list is separate from my Gwen Hayes list, and you will not receive news about my fiction releases and what not. )

Thanks for submitting!

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